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Cooke’s Framing is a bespoke framing service based in South East London offering a wide range of hand made frames. Each frame is designed during a consultation process where we consider the aesthetic of the frame as well as the materials and techniques suitable to conserve and protect the artwork. Utilising a wealth of experience we carefully craft each frame to suit the artwork and the wishes of our clients. Using a range of framing materials, glazing options and mounting techniques, we advise on a variety of different possibilities for artwork presentation to meet the needs of each unique project.

Cooke’s framing works with galleries and artists as well as private clients. If you have any questions, would like a quote or to arrange a consultation, please get in touch.

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The Environment

At Cooke’s Framing we endeavour to always be working towards reducing our impact on the environment. As a small business we would like to take every opportunity to offer our clients more environmentally responsible options; for example ensuring all of our wood is bought from a responsible source, reusing and recycling packaging and using recyclable alternative to plastics where possible.